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Document scanning and digital imaging

At SAS we know that scanning of all of your documents and files is neither a practical or cost effective document management strategy. That's why we offer a variety of bespoke solutions to suit any business, small, medium or large. We understand that every business operates differently and has individual requirements for scanning and organising their data which is why our packages are tailor made around you and your company needs.

Document scanning solutions are growing in popularity because of the many advantages they provide to a business such as:

  • Improve and increase workplace efficiency - digital documents are easier to search, sort and access
  • Improved data sharing
  • Disaster recovery strategy - digitising documents protects you from theft, fire and flood damage
  • Improved customer service
  • Increase security - we can ensure that your documents are stored and backed up using military grade encryption
  • Data protection and data management compliance 
  • Reduce costs - less printing will save money on printers, electricity, paper and ink
  • Increase space - less paper means reducing office paperwork and clutter which means less storage and more space
  • Improved visibility and transparancy

Our bespoke documents scanning solutions include:

  • Scan documents to electronic files which are then hosted on our server
  • Ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation
  •  Bulk back scanning and indexing of archived documents
  • On demand scanning and indexing of hard paper files stored with us
  • OCR text recognition - our software can extract data from forms automatically
  • Ongoing scanning of company records as part of your Document Management and Retention Schedule 

You will have constant access to your data which we know is essential to every business.  

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