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Sanderson's Archiving Solutions Limited is a family run document management company. Expertise spans over 30 years from the old days of scanning documents to microfiche film to the current high-tech solutions available to organisations of all sizes. Our goal is to make human interaction better, faster and less expensive. 

We provide tailor made solutions for records management, document and file storage, data backup, disaster recovery, cloud storage, document management, data destruction and secure shredding.

All of our staff are responsive, well trained and CRB checked. As the customer, you must know who you can talk to in the event there is a problem or question. Experienced working with both large and small organisations in different industries, we take care of your obligations under The Data Protection Act relating to the storage and destruction of your documents and information.

Our clients choose us as their data management solutions company because our document management process is tailored to their business’ needs. 

Join us and your optimise your data management system and protect your information regardless of its format and lifecycle stage. 

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